You’re Brew-tiful

I’m so excited it’s Monday….said no one ever! We’re coming down from an Easter candy coma, so this morning has been super rough on my whole household. I wanted to post this sketch I made with colored pencil and pen today, because I feel like every Monday I need some kind of motivation to get through the day. This one has been sitting in my handy dandy sketchbook just waiting for the right moment. I also waited to post it because I messed up the lettering and needed to find time to clean it up on the computer. This is a prime example of….you guessed it…I’m not perfect and make mistakes too! Below is my sketch with all it’s mistakes layed out. I smeared the lettering, the colored pencils started to smudge off my hand and I couldn’t quite figure out the background. But thanks to Photoshop, it still turned out all right. Have a great Monday!