Petite Plum Homeschool

Hey everyone! During this summer, a friend of mine commissioned me to make a logo for her homeschooling page. She homeschools both her girls and teaches them both french and english studies. She wanted me to incorporate the dual languages and a plum. The name of her homeschool is Petite Plum Homeschool. So it definitely makes sense to have plum! I decided to paint this logo using watercolor instead of digitally because I wanted it to have an organic feeling. The hardest part for me was incorporating the languages, but finally decided to make the leaves of the plums the flags of the represented languages. I really like how it turned out and she was really pleased to. She just launched her page of facebook and instagram. You can follow Petite Plum Homeschool on facebook here at or on Instagram at @petite_plum_homeschool. If you need any custom art, logos or invites created, please send me a message. I love creating custom art!