Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a great holiday season! Thanks for the all the love and following my art.

Christmas Pup

2 days until Christmas! I repeat 2 days until Christmas! My boys have been counting down the days very closely all week long. I get an update the minute I get up in the morning. It’s been pretty funny to see how much they are excited about Christmas this year. This fun Christmas pup was created for one of my Christmas cards one year. He was made with pen and marker and then scanned in. I put the snowflakes in the background using Photoshop. This cute guy always puts a smile on my face!

Santa Fish

#tbt Here is a fun watercolor painting that I made for a Christmas card a couple of years ago. My husband’s grandmother commissioned me to make some illustrations for her Christmas cards that year. This particular painting was used on the cards that went out to all the grandkids. It was a lot of fun coming up with fish themed cards, since her last name is Fish. So naturally all the cards had a fish on them. I have always loved making and receiving Christmas cards. I feel like it’s beginning to be a lost art, hopefully it doesn’t go away.

All is Calm

It’s Tuesday and Christmas is only a week away. After my oldest son’s holiday party at school tomorrow, it should be smooth sailing for me. This is the first year I actually feel calm about Christmas. I worked in retail for over 16 years and the holidays were not exactly my favorite. But after having kids and now staying at home, I have grown to embrace it. I hope everyone can find their inner calm this holiday season. This sweet little owl was drawn digitally on my iPad. Enjoy!

Festive Party Ornaments

It’s officially party season! Our weekends have been crammed pack full of birthday and holiday parties. It’s nice to have today to recover and relax. I made this illustration for some Christmas card my husband and I sent out years ago, but I still love it. This painting was made with watercolor and outlined with black ink. If you love it as much as I do, this design has been added to my shops. Enjoy!

Winter “One”derland

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share this really cute invitation that I was asked to make for a recent first birthday. The theme was winter “one”derland. How adorable….right? I love how it turned out. I made a boy and girl version of this invite and put them available to purchase in my Etsy shop. Spread the word!

Joy to the World

It’s Monday and I can’t even fathom that there are only 2 and a half weeks left until Christmas. The time is just flying by it seems like. Luckily I have been on top of things, so I’m not feeling the stress that usually comes this time of the year. I have also picked up some impromptu ornament orders this week, which has been fun to make. I did this illustration this past week and wanted to try this color combination. I really like how bold it is and not your traditional “red and green”. I continually keep practicing my hand lettering. I feel like it is getting better….at least I think! Spread some joy to the world this holiday season.

Winner, Winner!

Happy Sunday! Today I just announced the winner to my Christmas Llama tote bag on Instagram and Facebook. I needed a quick little illustration to go with the post. So I grabbed my handy dandy iPad and drew this up really quick on my Procreate app. I have always loved this phrase and wanted to put a cute spin to it with the little chicks dressed up in Christmas gear. Tis the season…right?

Hot Cocoa Polar Bear

It’s definitely a perfect day for a cup of hot cocoa here in Kansas City. My drink of choice in the winter time. It’s spitting snow outside this morning and it’s really cold. I’m getting my perfect mug of hot cocoa ready as we speak. Here is a piece I did a while ago for one of my Christmas cards, of course I had to incorporate my favorite drink in a painting. This cute polar bear was painted with watercolor and outlined in pen. Hopefully you all enjoy him as much as I did creating him.

Bundle Up!

Monday is upon us again! Finishing this sketch couldn’t sum up the current weather any more perfect! It’s getting pretty cold outside. Bundle up everyone! This adorable moose was drawn with pen and marker in my sketch book that I take with me almost every where. I love drawing moose because I kind of have a secret obsession with them. They just are really cool big animals. When my husband and I go camping in the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan, I secretly would hope that we come across a moose while hiking. A girl can hope! It’s on my bucket list!