Trick or Treat

And now for my second post of the day! Here is a quick doodle that I made using Procreate. It’s all things Halloween! My two sons are obsessed with Halloween and the main reason is trick or treating. So this drawing is dedicated to them and their love of all things candy related. They would eat candy for every meal if I would let them. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!


Cotton Candy

Hey everyone! We all know what day it is….it’s Monday! Hopefully it’s a kind one today. Here is a design I did recently that was inspired by all the fairs and carnivals that are happening around town. Whenever we go, I usually cannot resist getting cotton candy. It’s so fluffy and fun to eat. And bonus, it’s basically pure sugar! I saw this phrase online and knew I had to incorporate it into this piece. It’s true….how can you not be happy eating this awesome stuff? I will have this design up on my shops later today!