Cat & Dog Pet Portrait

Hey everyone! Today I’m posting a pet portrait that I was commissioned to make. I was referred to her by a dear friend on a group in Facebook. It’s amazing what referrals and recommendations can do. I appreciate them all! I painted a pet portrait of her cat and dog together out of watercolor. I used photos for reference. Below are some of the process photos of the portrait. I love painting animals! If you are in the need for a pet portrait, send me a message for a quote!

Girly Park Birthday Invite

Here is one of the latest projects that I was commissioned to work on for a 4th birthday party. The theme is girly playground. I decided to add some cute elements like hearts, rainbows and cute clouds. All the clipart elements were drawn digitally and then put together in Photoshop with text. Below is the invitation, thank you cards and bubble party favor tags that I made to match for this cute party. This invite design is available in my Etsy shop as a digital file. If you need any custom art or invites made, send me a message. I love creating custom art!

Space Birthday Invite

Hey everyone! Here is another project that I have been working on. I was commissioned by a friend to create a space themed birthday party invite for her adorable son. I drew out all the art elements on my iPad in Procreate and then arranged them all together with text in Photoshop. I kept the background a pretty simple black since I knew it was going to have a lot going on. This invite is perfect for any space lover! I have this invite up in my Etsy shop to purchase a digital file. Here is the link:

Moving Critters

Hey everyone! This past weekend was basically a wash….literally it rained all weekend and it’s still raining. So a lot of our activities that were planned were cancelled. But hey, what can you do? Here is a commissioned piece I did for a friend to put on a moving card. The animals are their 3 actual pets. I used photos of them and tried to make the likeness as much close as I could. They made postcards to mail their new address to everyone after moving into their new house. I think they turned out really cute. If you need custom art, just shoot me a message!

Dinosaur Fun

It’s the beginning of the week everyone! It’s going to be a great week. Why you ask? Well….school starts this week! Wednesday to be exact! If you can’t tell I’m looking forward to it. But until then, here is a fun birthday party invitation that I was commissioned to make for my friend’s son. I have been making his invitations since he was 2 and this year’s theme was dinosaur bones. I love how this one turned out and it was fun to do an all boy based invitation. I just added this invite to my Etsy shop for purchase. So if you need a dinosaur themed party invite, definitely check it out!

Taco ‘Bout a Baby!

Today I present to you a cute baby shower invitation that I was commissioned to do. I love it’s playfulness and humor for a shower. Also, who doesn’t love tacos? I certainly do! The graphics were done with digital watercolor using Adobe Sketch and then the text was added with Photoshop. I just put this fun invite on my Etsy shop for everyone to purchase. Here are some sales going on in my shops today.

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Thank You

Hey everyone! For this installment of #tbt throw back Thursday, I present to you some thank you cards that I designed a couple of months ago. I was asked by a sales rep of Monarch to create thank you cards so she could give them to her clients. I wanted to keep them pretty simple and appealing to the eye. I decided to go with blue, since it was part of the Air Techniques logo and it’s a pretty calming color. The triangle fragments in the background are my version of abstract teeth, since both company’s make dental products. They were painted digitally and the text was hand written using Procreate. I like that I was able to make something as corporate as these thank you cards have some style. If you have any custom work needed, please shoot me a message for a quote!

Happy Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day to Goldie & Ken! I had the honor of designing their wedding invitations. I love working on custom pieces that incorporate my clients personalities. Goldie and Ken really love nature and flowers, so I knew I needed to incorporate flowers. I asked Goldie what their favorite flowers and colors were and she responded with red & royal blue for colors and russian iris, stargazer lilys, hydrangeas, tulips and roses. So naturally all of those things were included. The flowers were painted digitally with Adobe Sketch and then put all together with Photoshop. Goldie also wanted this great quote on the front. The invitation is a folded 5×7 card, with the wedding details in the inside that corresponds with the front. It’s always fun and satisfying to receive mail with your artwork on it. This was a really fun project to work on with great people. If you need any custom art or projects done, please shoot me a message!