Briarwood Bear Spirit Wear

So the day has finally come…It’s back to school! It’s the first day of school for my oldest son today. I can’t get too excited yet, since my youngest son doesn’t start Preschool until after Labor Day. But it is super nice just only having one kid at home! Last year, I created a t-shirt design for my sons elementary school. The bear was such a hit, that they asked me to create another design with the bear for this year. Here is the design that they are going to put on spirit wear t-shirts this year. I also got a sneak peek at back to school night and they look amazing. Can’t wait see all the kids at school wearing my design!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s officially turkey day…bring on all the yummy food! I love this day because I love being surrounded by family. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I hope each and everyone of you have a great Thanksgiving. This sketch was made with pen and marker in my traveling sketchbook. Enjoy!

School Bear

Hello everyone! It’s the first full week of school for mostly everyone in the Kansas City area. I thought I would do a cute sketch of a bear for back to school. I drew him out and colored him in using the Procreate app. It’s kind of a different style for me, but none the less I really like the look I achieved using a different brush.

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Around this time of the year, I have always found it hard to really live in the moment of the holiday season. Before having my youngest son, I had worked in retail for 15 years. I loved where I worked, but every holiday season was very overwhelming. If you have ever dabbled in working in the field, it tends to drain the life out of you and you just go through the motions of each day so you get home to your life away from the fake holiday spirit. I have currently been out of retail for 3 years and I have found that I enjoy the holiday season much more when I don’t have to get involved with the craziness. I have now found a new joy in creating artwork for myself and for others to enjoy. I can now breathe and soak in all the magical moments of the season.