Creeping Snail

Hey everyone! The cooler weather this week has definitely got me excited for fall. I chose to do this new piece of art with all the fall colors that I love. I decided to put a cute little snail creeping through a bunch of flowers. It turned out really cute. The colors just scream fall. I just put this little guy up in my Society6 and Redbubble shops on cute clothes and products. Definitely check it out!

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Bold, Yellow Sunflowers

Hi everyone! All the sunflowers are blooming in the Kansas City area. There are a few farmers that grow fields of just sunflowers for people to come, admire and take pictures in. It’s definitely a favorite past time of Kansas City. I have already done a piece with sunflowers, but it was fun to revisit them and create a fun piece of art. These sunflowers are definitely bold and vibrant. I love the vibes that it is giving. If you love sunflowers as much as I do, I have just put them on products in my Society6 and Redbubble shops. Enjoy!

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Sleeping Bunny

Hi everyone! I have good news, I think I may be crawling out of my summer creative rut. Since my boys have been back at school, I have definitely felt more inspired. This summer sucked the life out of me to be honest and I’m really looking forward to Fall. I had some downtime and created this piece of this cute sleeping bunny. I wanted it to have a fall vibe to it but not have all the traditional go to fall colors. I also wanted to include what I love to draw the best….flowers. I hope you enjoy this cute artwork. I will have it up in my shops soon! Keep looking out for more new art!

Briarwood Fine Arts Night

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy couple of months for me lately. From having surgery to the boys spring sports starting up, it feels very hectic already this spring. I was asked by the PTA of my kids school to create a cute flyer for their Fine Arts Night. It’s a fun night to display all the kids artwork, look at the book fair, listen to choir, band & stings concerts. It was really fun to create and I tried to make sure each element of the evening was included in the illustration. The mascot for the school is a bear, so I made sure he was front and center. I hope you all enjoy it as much I as I did creating it!


Hi everyone! Here is a new piece of artwork I created for my youngest son Jaxon’s birthday. He turns 7 today. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. I created this cute piece of cake using procreate and used my hand lettering as the font. It was really fun to create and can’t wait to celebrate Jaxon today! Enjoy!

Wonderful Christmas Time

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it is already less than a week before Christmas. This December has flown by so fast! I went Christmas shopping at one of my favorite local boutiques and they had this Christmas song lyric “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” on a pillow. It is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It was so awesome that I wanted to make my own artwork with it. I drew this cute ornament using Procreate and put the lyric inside. It makes me happy just looking at it. What is your favorite Christmas song? I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Cute Hello Pumpkin

Hey everyone! I can’t believe how fast November has flown by. I forgot to post this cute little pumpkin that I created this month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating this illustration. I used Procreate to draw it out digitally and to letter “Hello Pumpkin”. This cute guy is available on prints and products in my Society6 and Redbubble shops. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

Now & Zen Volume 2

Hey everyone! I’m excited to finally be able to share the the 2nd book in the series that I illustrated that is a part of a project that I have been working on with Strive 2 Thrive Coulee Region. I’m proud to present to you all Now & Zen Volume 2. It is a 5″ by 5″ 14 page Zentangle booklet printed on 10% Post Consumer Waste Paper. This book is made possible by Strive 2 Thrive Coulee Region and Ope Publishing based in La Crosse, WI. Vicki Miller started the non-profit in early 2020. Last fall, she came up with the idea to create a small booklet to help people have a way to relieve stress during these unprecedented times. The booklet is made up illustrations that include Zentangle and Zendoodling. After an intro from myself at the beginning of the book, there are full spread Zentangle illustrations with inspirational sayings and additional space after these pages to use as you feel needed. This book was super fun to make since I had the artistic help of my niece Brianna. She helped pick the themes, inspirational sayings and created the video to introduce the book.

If you would like to own a your very own copy of Now & Zen Volume 1 or Volume 2, please go to my shop page! The books are $7 plus shipping and we also have hats with the Now & Zen logo for $25 plus shipping. All proceeds of the books and hats will go toward purchasing Now & Zen booklets for La Crosse, WI area non-profit organizations.

Ways to use this fun Zentangle booklet:

1.You can use it as a coloring book. Follow along the book and color the illustrations to bring a moment of calmness to your day. You can use colored pencils, markers or whatever you have on hand. Don’t forget to color the cover!

2.You can draw and doodle in it. Use the drawings that are already in place in the book and use them as a starting off point to relieve stress. You can create your own Zentangle or keep adding on to the existing drawings.

3. You can use it for a fun way to journal. Write down your thoughts for the day, important dates, inspirational sayings or even personal goals. You can also add stickers or washi to make it a collage.

I hope you enjoy this book as much I did illustrating it!

Oh Sweet Baby Shower Invitation

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great summer. Its sure has flown by quickly! My boys are already starting school next week. Here is another custom invitation that I was asked to create over this summer. My client wanted to have a baby shower theme including desserts. Since they already knew it was going to be a boy, I created a handful of sweet treats with the color theme of blue, green and yellow. I really like how it turned out! If you need a custom invitation or art, please send me a message!

Grandparents Birthday Party Invitation

Hi everyone! Here is another invitation that I did recently. This invite was created for my husbands grandparents. They decided to throw a party to celebrate all three of them together since they are all having milestone birthdays. One of the grandparents requested that there was caricatures of each of them. So that is just what I did. I created little avatars that look like each of them. They turned out pretty cute. We were able to travel to Wisconsin to attend the party and it was great to see many friends and family. If you need an custom invitation made, send me a message! I love creating custom artwork!