Cute Summer Raccoon

Summer is officially here! The pool is up, the fire pit is set up and the heat is definitely rising. It’s time to kick off the summer right. It will be nice to finally be around family and have some much needed fun. I drew summer raccoon to give some happiness right now. This cute little fella was created digitally with my iPad using Procreate. I love all the background which makes me feel like I’m in a summer field of wild flowers. This cute raccoon is now available on prints and products in my Society6 and Redbubble shops. Enjoy!

Choose Happy

Hey everyone! I feel like this week I finally had a wave of creativity and have had many ideas just flowing out of my brain. It’s been really nice since it feels like I have hit a creative block during this quarantine. I have been having to force myself to sit and draw. So I will definitely embrace this spurt of creativity. Here is one of the doodles that I did last night on my iPad using the Procreate app. It’s nothing too fancy, but I like how it turned out. This message does really come at a good time! We should all try to choose happiness during these uncertain times. I am really trying to practice this daily. What kind of things are you trying to do to keep happy? I have been trying to keep creative, baking my favorite treats, enjoying my garden and making simple home improvements. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! Enjoy!

Spring Mandala

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter! We had a great Easter with just our family of four. We dyed eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, opened basket goodies and devoured a delicious meal made by my husband. It was definitely different from previous years and I missed seeing all my family this past holiday. I can’t wait to gather with them again and celebrate. One saving grace is technology, I loved being able to Face time and Zoom with everyone. That has definitely helped during all this craziness. Here is another drawing that I did recently to help keep my mind off of things. It’s nothing too fancy, but I tried to keep the colors very true to Spring. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and it’s a beautiful spring mandala. Keep creating!

Simple Turkey

It’s Monday and there is so much stuff to do….yikes! Cleaning, organizing and packing are amongst my things to do today. I always feel like the week leading up to Thanksgiving is a marathon and you have to earn eating your favorite food on turkey day. I will survive, I always do! Here is a cute simple turkey that I whipped up in the middle of my chaos. It was created digitally using Illustrator. Enjoy!

Walrus Closeup

Hey everyone! Here is this weeks #tbt throwback Thursday art work. This adorable walrus is ready for his closeup. He is painted with watercolor and outlined with black pen. His background is a scrapbook patterned piece of paper overlay with some watercolor brush strokes in Photoshop. He is the lucky animal that was chosen for the letter W in my thesis alphabet book. I love looking back and reminiscing on old art work that I have done, but I also can see how far I have come as an artist.