Stay Home

Hey everyone! I recently did this drawing because of the scenario that is happening around us. But then I saw that people were protesting to open everything up again….let me just say, how stupid!! I do understand the argument of people suffering from not being able to work and not being able to provide for their families. Which is unfortunate and we should live in a country that supports everyone in an event like this.  I will be the first person to say that I hate being stuck at home and not being able to do the things I enjoy most. But getting out to “buy things” and getting your “hair cut” is not a valid reason to open up the economy to risk more people getting sick and more deaths. It will just make everything spike again and we will have to just restart this process all over again. I think these people are incredibly selfish. So this drawing means even more than when I first drew it. Stay healthy, stay strong, stay safe and for heavens sake just stay home!


Hey everyone! Are you a homebody? I am! I’m not ashamed to admit! On normal circumstances I enjoy being at home, having alone time to my self and like being in my own element. I guess you can say I’m an introverted extrovert. I love being around my friends and family but I tend to hit a wall and need to have space to myself to recharge. Anyone else like that? I will say that with this pandemic, I am getting a little stir crazy. I don’t know how much longer I can manage staying in my house and not start to hate it. I know I am not the only one! I did this quick drawing last night to help keep my sanity. I drew this cute happy pup in his house with the phrase homebody. He is definitely happy to stay home!  Keep calm everyone, stay safe and keep being creative!

Love Grows Best

Happy Sunday everyone! Ever since I saw this phrase on some wall art online, I knew that I wanted to recreate my own version of this. I wanted to keep it pretty simple with art and color. I like how graphic it turned out. It would look great on many products and wall art. I just added this to my shops, if you feel you need this in your house too!


Today is a special day to me! It is my wedding anniversary. I have been married to my awesome husband for 9 years. Time has really flown by! Last weekend I was out of town and I couldn’t wait to get back home to Bryant and my boys. They are my home! Here is a piece I did to illustrate the feeling I had this past week. I drew and colored it in digitally. I just put this up on my Etsy and Society6 shops. My Etsy shop is 25% off until Mother’s Day – no code needed. My Society6 shop is also having a sale – 40% off art prints, 30% off mugs and carry all pouches & 20% off everything else. Use code MOMGIFTS at the checkout. Here are the links!