Summer Girl

Hey everyone! Sorry so long for a new post! We have been having fun this summer out of town the past couple of weeks. We got to spend some quality time with my husband’s side of the family and went to the lake. My boys had a blast! We got to go swimming, boating, tubing and fishing. Every boy’s dream, right? So now I’m finally home and getting back into the groove of posting again. Here is a quick sketch I did in my traveling sketch book. Drawn out with pencil then colored in with marker. After marker, I darkened with the black lines a bit more. I hope you are feeling the summer vibes too! Enjoy!

Beach Seagull

I wish I was back at the beach! All this Kansas tornado weather has been crazy. We had a mile wide tornado blast through our area last night. Luckily it did not hit the town I live in, but my hometown was right in the line of fire. Thank goodness all of my family and friends are safe and sound. Definitely sending my thoughts and prayers to all those with storm damage! I started drawing this guy a week ago before all this weather mess, but now I wish I was on the beach with him. I paid tribute to one of my kids favorite films by putting “mine, mine, mine!” on it. Do you all know what film that it is from? You guessed it, Finding Nemo! Enjoy!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a great day consisting of family, friends and chocolate bunnies…lol! Sorry I love chocolate, it’s my favorite. Especially Cadbury Mini Eggs! I have a couple bags hidden just for myself. This piece was drawn out digitally using Procreate. Enjoy!

Bunny Easter Egg

Hey everyone! Spring is definitely in the air and Easter is just one day away. My boys are super excited about having an egg hunt tomorrow. Some of my favorite memories are dying eggs and racing my brother to find them in our yard. Around the area of Kansas City where we live it’s heavily populated with bunnies. So we get to see them all year around. What’s better than cute bunnies? How about cute bunnies and flowers creating the shape of an Easter egg. I made a heart with some flowers and doves in it and really liked the effect of it and so I applied that style to this piece. I like the simple graphic quality of this style. It is all drawn out and colored in digitally. I will definitely have to do some experimenting with different mediums with this print. Enjoy!

Night Bubble Flowers

Happy Monday! I recently got the opportunity to hang up some of my artwork and be featured in a local coffee shop. One of the pieces that I put up was a watercolor painting of bubble flowers (left picture). I really liked how it turned out and wanted to explore this concept a little bit more. So I tried it out digitally. I played around in my Procreate app and fell in love with the black background against all the pops of colors (right picture). It’s really like how graphic it is. If you like the look of these prints, the version on white is up in my shops and I will have the version on black up today. Enjoy!

Alligator Loves Tulips

It’s Wednesday! That means this week is already half way done. How has everyone’s week been so far? It’s been pretty busy for our fam. It feels like the minute the weather heats up, the busier we get. It feels kind of nice considering the winter we had this year. Here is some more spring art to put some pep in your step or at least make your morning more bearable. This guy was created digitally using Procreate. I wanted him to experience spring to, since most of the time alligators are associated with summer. Who knew alligators would look so good surrounded by tulips! It’s the perfect match in my book. Enjoy!

Home State

It’s the weekend! The weather is finally nice and it feels good to be outside. Here are some 5×7 watercolor paintings that I have done recently. I love all the artwork and items that are very state driven right now. I kind of wanted to put my own spin on it. Whenever we are traveling, I love taking cloud pictures and I kind of wanted to embrace that in these paintings. Since we live pretty close to the state border of Kansas and Missouri, I had to do both states. I also chose Wisconsin, because my husbands family lives there. If you are interested in a painting of your home state, send me a message! They are $15 for a 5×7 and $35 for a 8×10.

Camp Sunset

It’s finally Friday! It’s been kind of a crazy week full of projects and helping out with my son’s fun fair at school tonight. This painting is very fitting with the fun fair theme this year of camp. It should be a fun night of games, crafts, prizes and good food. This painting was created with watercolor and black pen. I used my silhouette to cut a circular shape out of vinyl and placed it on my watercolor paper before I started to paint. After I finished, I just peeled off the vinyl to reveal a perfect circle. So easy and effective! I think I will keep using the technique on future projects.

A tent below snow capped mountains at sunset

Ms. Fox

It’s the weekend! And it has snowed yet again over night in Kansas City. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is way over Winter this year. When will Spring finally come? I’m ready! I was really happy when a good friend of mine asked me to do a small painting for her daughter of a fox. It’s exactly the piece I needed to help boost my mood and at least paint something Spring. This cute little 5×7 piece was painted with watercolor. I love how it turned out! If you need a piece of artwork created for you, send me a message! I love doing custom artwork!

Purple Jellyfish

Soooo….am I the only one over this years winter yet? We have yet another snow day today! This has been the most snow days in one year in my entire existence in Kansas City. I’m ready for it to be spring! I want to see the sun, the grass (even though it’s brown) and beginnings of flowers growing. But until then, I will just keep posting cute and non cold related artwork…lol! Here is a cute jelly fish I created yesterday while my youngest was in preschool. It was drawn digitally using Procreate. I like how cute it turned out, but still feels moody. Do you think this guy is adorable, too? He’s available as an art print that is a digital download in my Etsy shop and on an array of products in my Society6 shop. Just use the links above on the menu. Have a great day! Enjoy!