Mad Scientist Birthday Invite

Happy Veteran’s Day! I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has served or is currently serving our country…..especially my dad! Here is an invite that I was commissioned to make for my friends daughters mad science themed birthday party. It was really fun to make and I really love the theme. I’m glad to see more and more non traditional themed parties. This theme is perfect for boys and girls. I drew out the seperate art elements using Procreate and then put everything together in invitation form in Photoshop. This invite is available in my Etsy shop to customize for your next party. If you are looking for custom art or invitations, please shoot me a message!


Space Birthday Invite

Hey everyone! Here is another project that I have been working on. I was commissioned by a friend to create a space themed birthday party invite for her adorable son. I drew out all the art elements on my iPad in Procreate and then arranged them all together with text in Photoshop. I kept the background a pretty simple black since I knew it was going to have a lot going on. This invite is perfect for any space lover! I have this invite up in my Etsy shop to purchase a digital file. Here is the link: