Dandy Lions

Spring is finally here this time…..for real! This weather has been absolutely insane this year. Whenever I see dandelions popping out of the ground, it means Spring is finally here and lawn mowing season has begun. The drawing was made with pen and marker in my traveling sketchbook. Peace out, I’m going to go enjoy this beautiful weather before Mother Nature throws another curve ball.

Hoppy To See You

Happy Monday! Currently, it is raining and storming in Kansas City. So it’s been kind of a depressing morning. This week I am going to be posting and featuring Easter themed sketches. Before I moved to Olathe (suburb of Kansas City), I rarely saw bunnies. But around here they are crazy and everywhere. I always know it’s beginning to be Spring when I start seeing them out and about. I thought I would start the sketches off with a white bunny, of course, since it’s bunny season around here! Sketch made with pen and marker in my sketchbook. Below is a pic of beginning of the sketch and then the final product. Have a great week!

Spring In Your Step

Happy 1st day of Spring! My 2nd favorite season after Fall, of course. I made this sketch one afternoon with pen and markers and love how it turned out. I’m continuing working on my hand lettering. Hopefully one day I will become a master at it. But for now, it puts a smile on my face just looking at it! Enjoy!

Lucky Day

Happy Monday! Today starts the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Everything is going to be covered with clovers, rainbows, leprechauns and all things green. Green is my favorite color, so it’s nice to have a holiday that embraces it. So this week will be full of St. Patrick’s posts to get you ready for the big day.

Bouncing into Springbreak

Today is the first day of spring break for my kiddos. Luckily the weather forecast is going to cooperate with us and we are suppose to have really beautiful weather (70!) by the end of the week. So hopefully we will not be cooped up in the house and everyone will stay happy…lol! Since I have mom brain most of the time, today’s sketch is the first one I remembered to take a picture during the sketching part of my process. If it’s a pen and marker drawing, here is my process. I usually start with drawing it out in pencil, then outline it with black pen, fill it in with the desired color of markers, add more marker detail and then finish with a thicker line of pen to clean up my edges. It may seem tedious, but it works for me! Have a great weekend everyone!


Hello everyone! It’s finally starting to feel like spring. The weather is inspiring some very cute spring sketches coming to you today and this week. So about squirrels….I think they are really cute galloping around the yard with their fluffy tails twirling about until they decide to rip holes in all your deck pillows. True story! My neighborhood squirrels thought they would rummage my deck and steal pillow fluff for their nests this past fall. They even became brave enough to make a hotel in my hanging planter baskets. Needless to say they aren’t too cute in my mind right now. So here’s to a new season….Hopefully the squirrels and I can coexist in harmony. Sketch made with pen and marker.

Black Sheep

It’s Saturday! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! Plus the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous compared the miserable weather we had last week. So it only seems fitting to have a spring sketch. My number one favorite animal is….the sheep! They are the epitome of spring. I love how fluffy and cute they are. It may be the reason why I have poodle mix dogs. It’s like having my own personal miniature fluffy dog sheeps…lol! I may need to trademark that term! Sketch made with pen, marker and white colored pencil to accentuate his curly q’s.

Happy Birthday To My Significant Otter!

Happy Birthday Bryant! This drawing is for you! He’s an all around amazing husband, dad and friend. I’m very lucky to do this thing called life right beside him. He has been my cheerleader and support through everything I do. Everything you see on this site has been encouraged by him. Thank you for everything! I’m so glad today is all about you! Let’s celebrate all your accomplishments, too! We love you! Sketch made with pen and marker.

Peaceful Owl

Winter is one of my least favorite seasons! I am so ready for Spring. I just want to be out in warmer comfortable weather already. Also I can’t wait for all the new life and blooms that Spring brings each year. It’s my second favorite season! I have always loved seeing all the gorgeous colors and smells that it presents. Except my allergies tend to hate it, but that’s what Claritin is for…right? So I have a feeling that my sketches are going to gravitate towards Spring. Be prepared! Sketch made with pen and markers.

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Today is my youngest son Jaxon’s birthday. He’s officially 3 now! Even though he has started the terrible threes a month early, we still love him. Time has really flown by fast! I stopped working full time after I had him and have been trying to navigate the stay at home mom world ever since. Luckily, I met a great group of ladies that encouraged me to get back on track with my art and pursue what I love to do. So here I am now sharing my artwork to the world through this blog, Facebook and Instagram. Happy Birthday Jaxon! I wouldn’t be where I am at without you! Sketch made with pen and markers.