Hello Winter

Hi everyone! So Thanksgiving is over with and now it’s starting to feel like Christmas. Which also means the weather is going to get crazy and cold. The one thing I do enjoy about the cold weather is getting to wear hats and scarves. I love the feeling of being cozy! I began this sketch before Thanksgiving, but wasn’t able to finish it until this week due to the holiday craziness and everyone being sick in my house. So here is the finished piece. I used watercolor to color everything in and outlined it with a micron pen. I love using microns with watercolor because they do not bleed when touched with water. This piece is available in my Society6 and Redbubble shops!


Hello Pumpkin

It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like Fall around here in Kansas City. Which makes me very excited! I’m ready for cooler days, so I can wear sweaters, scarves and boots. I’m tired of getting all sweaty! To get in the fall spirit, I have been drawing fall related stuff lately. Be ready for a flood of fall drawings! Here is one of the pieces I drew in my sketchbook recently. I wanted to keep practicing my hand lettering. I drew it out with pen and colored it in with Prismacolor markers. I just added this piece in my Society6 and Redbubble shops on products. Just use the tab at the top of my page to direct you to those shops. Enjoy!


Squirrel Catching Acorns

It’s a crazy weather weekend here in Kansas City! We had crazy winds and rain during Saturday during both of my son’s baseball games. We woke up to a very dreary dark day with lots of rain. So needless to say, my Sunday is going to be pretty lazy. This weather makes me sleepy! Here is a drawing that I drew in my sketchbook this past week. I drew it out and outlined it in pen. I used watercolor to bring color to this cute squirrel and his acorns. I really like the personality the watercolor brought to this little sketch in my notebook. I’m hoping this sketch will help bring Fall soon. Enjoy!


Little Lion

It’s the weekend! It’s been a long week. Everything including school, preschool, baseball, scouts and meetings has made for a busy week. Needless to say I’m exhausted! Here is a sketch that I worked on during the week to decompress. I got some new Micron pens and forgot how much I love them. They work great with markers and my watercolors. I decided to color this sweet little guy with my Prismacolor markers, which gave the bold color I was looking for. Really love how he turned out!


Girl in Leaves

Good morning everyone! It’s Labor Day weekend and I can’t wait to relax the next couple of days. Here is a sketch I posted on social media while I was working on it. I knew I wanted it to have a watercolor feel, but I wasn’t sure on the colors I was going to use. So I thought painting it digitally would be the best option. It allows me to mess up and change things unlike physically painting it. I decided to keep the colors very fall inspired, of course! I drew this because I got a little taste of fall this past week and now I’m ready for it to be here. Enjoy!


Summer Girl

Hey everyone! Sorry so long for a new post! We have been having fun this summer out of town the past couple of weeks. We got to spend some quality time with my husband’s side of the family and went to the lake. My boys had a blast! We got to go swimming, boating, tubing and fishing. Every boy’s dream, right? So now I’m finally home and getting back into the groove of posting again. Here is a quick sketch I did in my traveling sketch book. Drawn out with pencil then colored in with marker. After marker, I darkened with the black lines a bit more. I hope you are feeling the summer vibes too! Enjoy!

Mermaid May

Hey everyone! It’s May and that means it time for Mer-May. Which means everyone likes to post art and projects that have to do with mermaids. I have always loved mermaids since I was little. My favorite movie in the 1st grade was The Little Mermaid. I watched it at least a 1,000 times and had Arial t-shirts and dolls. I was obsessed to say the least. So, I drew this piece just for the occasion. I originally drew her out in my sketchbook and then colored her in digitally using my Procreate app. I really like how she turned out. She has a pretty peaceful vibe. Definitely what I’m needing to finish off this week. Enjoy!


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Thanks for all the support! Here is a quick pen and marker drawing I did for love day in my traveling sketchbook. Enjoy!

Whale You Be Mine?

It’s already the middle of the week…yet there is so much to do! February in general is a busy month in my family because of birthdays, holidays and a lot of never ending no school days. This week in general is really bad because of the Valentine parties at my kids schools. I am a room coordinator for my oldest sons class and I feel like I’m going crazy getting everything together for his party on Friday. This past weekend I was able to get this guy finished since we had some plans cancel at last minute. He started out as just an idea in my sketchbook and blossomed into this. I took a picture of my drawing and used my Procreate app to make him come to life. I have always loved drawing characters that appeal to kids. They are way more fun to draw and tend to put me in a good mood. I would say that is a win! I hope you enjoy! He is also available in my shops!

Good Idea

Hey everyone! It’s Monday….ugh! I hope my morning doesn’t mean my whole week is going to be horrible. We had a pretty good snowfall this past weekend. It was great until I had to get out this morning to take my son to school. My car go stuck getting out of my driveway. Luckily I have some awesome neighbors that took my son to school for me and helped me get my car unstuck. If my whole week is going to be like this morning, I’m crawling back into bed until it passes. This doodle was drawn in my sketchbook using pen and marker. I hope everyone has a better Monday than I have had!