Santa Fish

#tbt Here is a fun watercolor painting that I made for a Christmas card a couple of years ago. My husband’s grandmother commissioned me to make some illustrations for her Christmas cards that year. This particular painting was used on the cards that went out to all the grandkids. It was a lot of fun coming up with fish themed cards, since her last name is Fish. So naturally all the cards had a fish on them. I have always loved making and receiving Christmas cards. I feel like it’s beginning to be a lost art, hopefully it doesn’t go away.

S is for Sheep

#tbt Here is today’s edition of Throwback Thursday! Here is a watercolor painting that I did for a collection of animals I did for an alphabet book. This is probably one of my favorite pieces from the book because I absolutely adore sheep. They are so cute, fluffy and they just plain look cool. If I had to choose an animal to be, it would definitely be this guy. I hope everyone has had a great week so far and fingers crossed it will stop raining here in Kansas City.


Today’s throw back Thursday #tbt is dedicated to one of the coolest dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing. A few years back I started trying to do pet portraits and I was able to get a few commission requests. While doing this on the side, I was working at Old Navy. My boss Becky has always had the coolest dogs and loves dogs with a great passion. Her dogs were her babies. When Becky got Sadie as a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, my whole work family threw her a shower just to welcome her to our family. We all were able to watch Sadie grow and grow. Unfortunately, when Sadie passed away, I knew I needed to make something special for Becky. So I painted this portrait of her from a Facebook picture she had of her and surprised her with it. It’s probably one of the more personal paintings that I have done. If you or anyone you know need any pet portraits or custom artwork done, shoot me a message! I love doing custom art!

Walrus Closeup

Hey everyone! Here is this weeks #tbt throwback Thursday art work. This adorable walrus is ready for his closeup. He is painted with watercolor and outlined with black pen. His background is a scrapbook patterned piece of paper overlay with some watercolor brush strokes in Photoshop. He is the lucky animal that was chosen for the letter W in my thesis alphabet book. I love looking back and reminiscing on old art work that I have done, but I also can see how far I have come as an artist.

I Scream For Ice Cream

Hey! Guess what day it is. It’s throw back Thursday! Here is a sweet drawing that I did a couple years ago displaying once again how much I love ice cream. I’m surely not the only one that loves it…am I? I drew and colored in this piece in digitally. I just put this drawing up in my Etsy shop to purchase as wall art and I also created a party invitation with it. During this weekend, I’m running a 15% off sale in my Etsy shop. Check it out!

Etsy shop: http://bit.ly/rmcreative

F is for Flamingo

Happy Thursday! Here is today’s #tbt Throw back Thursday art for you. This pretty flamingo is made out of watercolor and has some digital elements to help spruce up the background. I love how vibrant Flamingos are. I just saw the cutest video of a baby flamingo walking around and I never knew they were grey and white when they are little…nice little fun fact for you this morning! I have also turned this image into a party invitation. It is available in digital file format in my Etsy shop. Here is the link to my Etsy shop: http://bit.ly/rmcreative

I is for Iguana

Happy throw back Thursday #tbt everyone! This playful iguana is a watercolor painting from my alphabet book. I love how the watercolors made really cool markings on his body. When we were in Key West many years a go, we were able to see huge iguanas just roaming the streets. They were really cool to just see out in the open since many iguanas and lizards tend to hide. If you ever get a chance to go to the Keys, I highly recommend it! Below is the painting and a pic of a large iguana from Key West.

Thank You

Hey everyone! For this installment of #tbt throw back Thursday, I present to you some thank you cards that I designed a couple of months ago. I was asked by a sales rep of Monarch to create thank you cards so she could give them to her clients. I wanted to keep them pretty simple and appealing to the eye. I decided to go with blue, since it was part of the Air Techniques logo and it’s a pretty calming color. The triangle fragments in the background are my version of abstract teeth, since both company’s make dental products. They were painted digitally and the text was hand written using Procreate. I like that I was able to make something as corporate as these thank you cards have some style. If you have any custom work needed, please shoot me a message for a quote!

Monster Birthday Fun

#tbt Today’s throwback Thursday’s art is from my oldest son’s first birthday. I had so much fun creating and designing this. I was also a first time mom that felt the need to get every party detail perfect, because you only have a first birthday once….right!?! As the years have gone by and now with my second son, I still love to plan parties. But I try not to have everything perfect and just enjoy it! Before my hiatus from art, I did a lot of invitation design work. I started and am still putting up my invitations on Etsy to sell again. You can now purchase them as a digital file and you can print them up wherever you would like! Since I’m super excited to post all of these again and it’s my birthday Saturday, I’m offering my followers 15% off my invites until the end of the month! Use code INVITE15 at the Etsy checkout! I only have a handful of designs up right now, but will be adding tons more throughout the next week.

Link to my Etsy shop: http://bit.ly/rmcreative