Cute Summer Raccoon

Summer is officially here! The pool is up, the fire pit is set up and the heat is definitely rising. It’s time to kick off the summer right. It will be nice to finally be around family and have some much needed fun. I drew summer raccoon to give some happiness right now. This cute little fella was created digitally with my iPad using Procreate. I love all the background which makes me feel like I’m in a summer field of wild flowers. This cute raccoon is now available on prints and products in my Society6 and Redbubble shops. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s officially turkey day…bring on all the yummy food! I love this day because I love being surrounded by family. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I hope each and everyone of you have a great Thanksgiving. This sketch was made with pen and marker in my traveling sketchbook. Enjoy!

Flowers, Birds & Love

Happy Monday everyone! Here is doodle sketch I have been working on. I drew it and colored it in digitally using the program Procreate. I first started out drawing an outline of a heart and then just began filling it it in with little doodles of flowers and birds. Then I used the gouache brush and painted in the soft colors in a layer behind the doodle layer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


For today’s #tbt I present to you a baby shower invitation I did for a fellow colleague of mine. I really enjoyed the theme and colors of this shower. She started out with contacting me and showing me some inspiration images that she was wanting to incorporate in the baby shower. Her images included rustic wood, wildflowers, the quote, and color swatches of reds, pinks and teals. I then started piecing together all of the information she had given me and made this invitation. The invitation was drawn out digitally. If you have a party or event coming up and need a custom invite, shoot me a message! I love doing custom work!

Love You Deerly

Good Morning Everyone! I hope this Saturday is awesome. I have been still experimenting with the Apple pencil using the app Procreate. I used a doodle from my sketch book and played around coloring it in digitally. I used most of the original lines of the drawing. I would have shared the video of the process, but it would have been 5 minutes long since I changed my mind about 1,000 times. So below is the final product and the original sketch that it is based off of. Enjoy!


“You belong among the wildflowers” Tom Petty

I still am in shock that the legendary Tom Petty is no longer with us. He was such a major music icon and his music will live on forever. Rest in peace Tom Petty. Sketch made with pen and marker.

You Are Magical

I’ve noticed a trend in girls products and it’s unicorns! Why wouldn’t anyone want to have unicorns adorning everything in sight. 1. They are magical 2. They are awesome 3. They are colorful and full of rainbows 4. Do you need any other reasons? I always loved playing with My Little Ponies when I was younger, so my inner girl is secretly excited that this trend has gone viral. Here is my take on the unicorn. Embrace the magic!