Winter Woodland Scene

I can’t believe Christmas is only 12 days away! I feel like it was just Thanksgiving. It’s funny how time does that! We have had a busy week at my house. In between appointments and errands, I managed to squeeze in some downtime to draw. This winter woodland scene was just the break I needed. I really love how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!


Trick or Treat

And now for my second post of the day! Here is a quick doodle that I made using Procreate. It’s all things Halloween! My two sons are obsessed with Halloween and the main reason is trick or treating. So this drawing is dedicated to them and their love of all things candy related. They would eat candy for every meal if I would let them. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!


I’ll Put a Spell Witch Hat

It’s Hocus Pocus season! I had to create something to go along with one of my favorite movies. I loved watching it when I was a little girl and still love watching it every year. I wanted to continue lettering, so I made sure to practice using my own handwriting for the phrase. I tried to keep the hat and the overall picture simple so the lettering would shine. I like how it turned out, but I will definitely keep working on my hand lettering. Enjoy!


Floral Pattern

Hey Everyone! Here is a quick floral pattern that I whipped up over the weekend. It started out as just a doodle and grew. I drew it out digitally and painted it with watercolors digitally. I tried to stick with fresh vibrant colors. I really love the vibe of the overall finished piece and I can’t wait to see it on products. Enjoy!


Girl in Leaves

Good morning everyone! It’s Labor Day weekend and I can’t wait to relax the next couple of days. Here is a sketch I posted on social media while I was working on it. I knew I wanted it to have a watercolor feel, but I wasn’t sure on the colors I was going to use. So I thought painting it digitally would be the best option. It allows me to mess up and change things unlike physically painting it. I decided to keep the colors very fall inspired, of course! I drew this because I got a little taste of fall this past week and now I’m ready for it to be here. Enjoy!


Little Cutie

Hey everyone! Lately I have been working on invitations to add to my Etsy shop. I have been having good luck with a few of my invites and want to add some more! I saw this theme floating around on Pinterest for a baby shower and thought it was adorable. I wanted to make a cute and playful version of this theme. I drew out the the little oranges and all the other elements in my sketch book. I then used one of my programs to digitally watercolor them in. I knew I wanted to keep it pretty simple and let the oranges shine, but I knew I needed something to in the background. I decided to do a simple gingham print to keep it basic but lend a farmhouse feel. I love how it turned out and it’s probably one of my favorite invites I have made to date! If you would like to purchase a digital file of this invite, here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/716723752/a-little-cutie-is-on-the-way-baby-shower?ref=listings_manager_grid

Pink Shark

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and here is a cute shark I was asked to make. The funny thing is, this is one of those projects that you create and then falls through. I think artists have many projects and commissions like this, that never carry through for whatever reason that may be. It happens far more often then you think! So I was wondering….what can I do with this shark I created? I am going to sell them as a print and on product in my Etsy and Society6 shops. Why not make lemonade out of lemons! I am making a boy version also. Who doesn’t love sharks? This girl will make her debut in my shops later today. Stay tuned!




Cat With Sunnies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was hot here in KC over the past couple of days. Just plain hot! I drew this cool cat while my boys were swimming away in the pool. I sketched her out and colored her in using the program Procreate. I really liked the way it was headed but it needed something else. I usually hide my sketch layer, but decided to turn it on over the what I had colored in already. It was exactly what this piece needed. I love the result! This cool cat will make it on to my shops soon! Be on the look out!

Summer Cardinal

Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a piece I started a week ago. One of my mom’s friends asked me if I could create something with a Cardinal. I took the idea and ran with it! The picture on the left is just a quick sketch of how I wanted the layout to be and look. The picture on the right is the finished piece. I did the whole process digitally on my iPad. I really like using the program Procreate, since it allows you to achieve many different styles. Plus, I like the added bonus that I can erase and start over if something doesn’t turn out to plan. I hope to add this to my shops this weekend. Enjoy!

Space Birthday Invite

Hey everyone! Here is another project that I have been working on. I was commissioned by a friend to create a space themed birthday party invite for her adorable son. I drew out all the art elements on my iPad in Procreate and then arranged them all together with text in Photoshop. I kept the background a pretty simple black since I knew it was going to have a lot going on. This invite is perfect for any space lover! I have this invite up in my Etsy shop to purchase a digital file. Here is the link:https://www.etsy.com/listing/702683612/space-birthday-party-invitation?ref=listings_manager_grid