Christmas Pup

2 days until Christmas! I repeat 2 days until Christmas! My boys have been counting down the days very closely all week long. I get an update the minute I get up in the morning. It’s been pretty funny to see how much they are excited about Christmas this year. This fun Christmas pup was created for one of my Christmas cards one year. He was made with pen and marker and then scanned in. I put the snowflakes in the background using Photoshop. This cute guy always puts a smile on my face!

Moving Critters

Hey everyone! This past weekend was basically a wash….literally it rained all weekend and it’s still raining. So a lot of our activities that were planned were cancelled. But hey, what can you do? Here is a commissioned piece I did for a friend to put on a moving card. The animals are their 3 actual pets. I used photos of them and tried to make the likeness as much close as I could. They made postcards to mail their new address to everyone after moving into their new house. I think they turned out really cute. If you need custom art, just shoot me a message!

Hedgehog Sketch

Happy weekend everyone! We have had a busy morning of errands and baseball games. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My oldest had one of his best batting games today. This week I drew up this little guy to keep the fall momentum going. Here is a pic of just the outline and another completely colored in. I’m hoping to keep up drawing quick drawings in my sketchbook during our busy schedule.

Walrus Closeup

Hey everyone! Here is this weeks #tbt throwback Thursday art work. This adorable walrus is ready for his closeup. He is painted with watercolor and outlined with black pen. His background is a scrapbook patterned piece of paper overlay with some watercolor brush strokes in Photoshop. He is the lucky animal that was chosen for the letter W in my thesis alphabet book. I love looking back and reminiscing on old art work that I have done, but I also can see how far I have come as an artist.

Cute Sloth

Hello everyone! It’s Monday again….ugh! We had an action packed weekend, that my whole house is dragging their feet today. So this cute sloth is totally appropriate! We are totally sloths! This piece was drawn and colored in digitally using Procreate. I just added this cutie to my Society6 and Etsy Shops! Today you can get 25% off my Society6 shop using code MAY25. The only items it excludes are posters and wood wall art. Here are the links to my shops!



Happy Llama

Here is some art that I worked on yesterday! I really like this llama trend that is going on. Can you ever have to many llama’s in your life….No! Of course not! They are so fluffy! Here is the creative process video for creating this fun piece. Also below is the finished product. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was created using Procreate. Enjoy!


Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Here is a cute drawing to start off your week. This cuddly Koala was digitally drawn and colored in by using the Procreate app on my iPad. I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and week ahead!

Nerdy Giraffe

I’m posting this while visiting Reno, NV for my Uncle’s memorial. I dedicate this drawing to him. He was a such a great guy and will be missed dearly in my whole family. He had such a great sense of humor and loved his family fiercely. This drawing was made digitally using Procreate.

P is for Panda

This week’s throw back Thursday #tbt art is another excerpt from my alphabet book. Today we are learning about the letter P. Who doesn’t love a panda? They are really beautiful animals. I love their color blocking, fluffiness and size. That’s why I knew I had to choose it over all the other animals that started with the letter P. This pretty panda was painted using watercolor and then outlined with black pen. The background is also watercolor but has a pattern from a scrap book paper overlay to give it more texture and visual interest. Happy Thursday everyone! I hope it treats you well!

Fun at the Farm

It’s another throwback Thursday fun day! #tbt This gem was designed for my oldest son Liam’s 2nd birthday party that we had at Deanna Rose Farmstead. Both of my boys love to go there to see all the farm animals, play games and see the history of farm life. Here is their website for more info:

I knew for this invite that I wanted to put some cute farm animals going to a party. I sketched them out on paper, scanned them into my computer and then colored them in digitally. This invite was a huge hit and is still one of my favorite designs. If you need any custom work, please just shoot me a message!