Girly Park Birthday Invite

Here is one of the latest projects that I was commissioned to work on for a 4th birthday party. The theme is girly playground. I decided to add some cute elements like hearts, rainbows and cute clouds. All the clipart elements were drawn digitally and then put together in Photoshop with text. Below is the invitation, thank you cards and bubble party favor tags that I made to match for this cute party. This invite design is available in my Etsy shop as a digital file. If you need any custom art or invites made, send me a message. I love creating custom art!

Cat With Sunnies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was hot here in KC over the past couple of days. Just plain hot! I drew this cool cat while my boys were swimming away in the pool. I sketched her out and colored her in using the program Procreate. I really liked the way it was headed but it needed something else. I usually hide my sketch layer, but decided to turn it on over the what I had colored in already. It was exactly what this piece needed. I love the result! This cool cat will make it on to my shops soon! Be on the look out!

Summer Girl

Hey everyone! Sorry so long for a new post! We have been having fun this summer out of town the past couple of weeks. We got to spend some quality time with my husband’s side of the family and went to the lake. My boys had a blast! We got to go swimming, boating, tubing and fishing. Every boy’s dream, right? So now I’m finally home and getting back into the groove of posting again. Here is a quick sketch I did in my traveling sketch book. Drawn out with pencil then colored in with marker. After marker, I darkened with the black lines a bit more. I hope you are feeling the summer vibes too! Enjoy!

Summer Cardinal

Happy Saturday everyone! Here is a piece I started a week ago. One of my mom’s friends asked me if I could create something with a Cardinal. I took the idea and ran with it! The picture on the left is just a quick sketch of how I wanted the layout to be and look. The picture on the right is the finished piece. I did the whole process digitally on my iPad. I really like using the program Procreate, since it allows you to achieve many different styles. Plus, I like the added bonus that I can erase and start over if something doesn’t turn out to plan. I hope to add this to my shops this weekend. Enjoy!

Snow Day

We officially have a snow day here in Kansas City! It’s hard to believe the weather forecast, when it is wrong most of the time. But it was spot on this time. At my house we have about 6 inches and the snow is continuing to fall. Thank goodness we didn’t have much planned for today. So that means I get to look at the snow from a nice, cozy spot from my inside my house. The best way to view snow in my opinion. Plus that means I get to work on some projects! Stay tuned in the next couple weeks to see some new stuff I’m working on.

Hello 2019

It’s the beginning on a new year and I have so much to be thankful for. I had a pretty great 2018. It wasn’t a monumental year by any means, but it was filled with new and old friends, family time and creative explorations. I can’t complain at all! This new year has some pretty big shoes to fill. I hope 2019 will flourish my creative endeavors. My goal is to be creating something new everyday and to maybe be able to do some vendor shows this year. What is your goal for the year? I wish every one a fantastic 2019!

Christmas Trees

Happy December 1st! It’s finally December and it’s starting to feel like Christmas. We just got a snow blizzard last weekend here in Kansas City, so the snow has definitely helped with getting everyone in the spirit. These modern Christmas trees are a piece I created for one of my Christmas cards one year. They were created digitally using Photoshop. I transformed them into a print as well to put on some products in my shops this year. I have recently put up some Christmas designs into my Etsy, Society6 and Redbubble shops. Definitely check them out!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s officially turkey day…bring on all the yummy food! I love this day because I love being surrounded by family. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? I hope each and everyone of you have a great Thanksgiving. This sketch was made with pen and marker in my traveling sketchbook. Enjoy!

Thankful For You

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m looking forward to all the amazing food and shopping deals starting tomorrow. But it has me also thinking of all the people I’m thankful for. I am thankful for all my friends, family and especially all my followers that have supported me on my artistic endeavors. Here is the before and after of a sketch I did recently. It was created with pen and colored in with Prismacolor markers. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Love Fall Colors

So funny thing about this piece is I started it about a week ago and since then it has snowed not once, but twice!! So the pretty fall leaves have now been dulled from the snow. But other than that my love for everything fall has not dwindled. It still remains my favorite season! Here is a progression of this sketch. The first image is the beginning stages with pencil and ink. The second is the finished piece in my sketchbook. Enjoy!