Here Comes the Easter Bunny

Easter weekend is finally here! We are planning on doing most of our Easter festivities today due to the dreaded winter weather forecast they are predicting tomorrow. Yes, that means snow! Snow in April! Such a cruel April Fool’s joke Mother Nature. So we are going to die eggs and get all of our Easter egg hunts out of our system today while the weather is still agreeable. But other than the weather, we are having an amazing weekend with my Husband’s Mom, Step Dad and Grandma from Wisconsin. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love You Deerly

Good Morning Everyone! I hope this Saturday is awesome. I have been still experimenting with the Apple pencil using the app Procreate. I used a doodle from my sketch book and played around coloring it in digitally. I used most of the original lines of the drawing. I would have shared the video of the process, but it would have been 5 minutes long since I changed my mind about 1,000 times. So below is the final product and the original sketch that it is based off of. Enjoy!

Born Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Don’t forget to wear green…obviously. Whether you are celebrating at a local event or having a chill day at home, enjoy this lucky day. And maybe enjoy a couple green beers! Sketch made with watercolor, marker and pen.

Bouncing into Springbreak

Today is the first day of spring break for my kiddos. Luckily the weather forecast is going to cooperate with us and we are suppose to have really beautiful weather (70!) by the end of the week. So hopefully we will not be cooped up in the house and everyone will stay happy…lol! Since I have mom brain most of the time, today’s sketch is the first one I remembered to take a picture during the sketching part of my process. If it’s a pen and marker drawing, here is my process. I usually start with drawing it out in pencil, then outline it with black pen, fill it in with the desired color of markers, add more marker detail and then finish with a thicker line of pen to clean up my edges. It may seem tedious, but it works for me! Have a great weekend everyone!

Black Sheep

It’s Saturday! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! Plus the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous compared the miserable weather we had last week. So it only seems fitting to have a spring sketch. My number one favorite animal is….the sheep! They are the epitome of spring. I love how fluffy and cute they are. It may be the reason why I have poodle mix dogs. It’s like having my own personal miniature fluffy dog sheeps…lol! I may need to trademark that term! Sketch made with pen, marker and white colored pencil to accentuate his curly q’s.

Listening To My Favorite Jam!

So this past week has been crazy! School has been out for President’s day plus 3 more days due to icy weather conditions. Which means my son only went to school 1 day this past week. I have never looked forward to a Friday more than this one my whole life. So this week consisted of being cooped up in the house, movies, i pad time, dance parties, pillow forts and birthday celebrations. Luckily this Momma got to indulge in National Margarita Day with some girlfriends and it made everything right in the world. So this drawing perfectly portrayed my Friday mood. Sketch made with pen and colored pencils.

Just Chillin’

This has been the year of water in our family. We are trying to get both of our boys more comfortable in the water, which means swimming lessons. My oldest hated the water, so we knew he was going to be a challenge. We told him that if he followed instructions, listened to his teachers and tried his best that we would all go to Great Wolf Lodge. And sure enough it worked for both of them. It has been a night and day difference with how comfortable they are in the water since October. So this sketch is a celebratory swim victory! Sketch made with pen and markers.

Love Is In The Air

I have come to the last page in my current sketchbook, when I realized my youngest son Jaxon scribbled all over the last page with pen. What do you do? Well you make art out of it, of course! I strategically used his lines as some of the stems of my heart flowers. Although the drawing may not be as perfect as I want, I still am pleased with how it turned out. I used watercolor to paint everything around the pen. At the last minute, I used colored pencil to add more hearts surrounding the bouquet (because there weren’t enough hearts already). Lesson of the day: You can turn anything into a beautiful piece of art.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!