Squirrel Catching Acorns

It’s a crazy weather weekend here in Kansas City! We had crazy winds and rain during Saturday during both of my son’s baseball games. We woke up to a very dreary dark day with lots of rain. So needless to say, my Sunday is going to be pretty lazy. This weather makes me sleepy! Here is a drawing that I drew in my sketchbook this past week. I drew it out and outlined it in pen. I used watercolor to bring color to this cute squirrel and his acorns. I really like the personality the watercolor brought to this little sketch in my notebook. I’m hoping this sketch will help bring Fall soon. Enjoy!


Little Cutie

Hey everyone! Lately I have been working on invitations to add to my Etsy shop. I have been having good luck with a few of my invites and want to add some more! I saw this theme floating around on Pinterest for a baby shower and thought it was adorable. I wanted to make a cute and playful version of this theme. I drew out the the little oranges and all the other elements in my sketch book. I then used one of my programs to digitally watercolor them in. I knew I wanted to keep it pretty simple and let the oranges shine, but I knew I needed something to in the background. I decided to do a simple gingham print to keep it basic but lend a farmhouse feel. I love how it turned out and it’s probably one of my favorite invites I have made to date! If you would like to purchase a digital file of this invite, here is the link:

Cat With Sunnies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was hot here in KC over the past couple of days. Just plain hot! I drew this cool cat while my boys were swimming away in the pool. I sketched her out and colored her in using the program Procreate. I really liked the way it was headed but it needed something else. I usually hide my sketch layer, but decided to turn it on over the what I had colored in already. It was exactly what this piece needed. I love the result! This cool cat will make it on to my shops soon! Be on the look out!

Cute Spring Cactus

It’s spring break time! And finally the weather around here is feeling like Spring. After my dentist appointment yesterday, I was able to finally get out for a walk and I decided to draw this little guy. He is my gift to you to share my happiness about the weather. He was drawn out digitally using my Procreate App. Enjoy!

Purple Jellyfish

Soooo….am I the only one over this years winter yet? We have yet another snow day today! This has been the most snow days in one year in my entire existence in Kansas City. I’m ready for it to be spring! I want to see the sun, the grass (even though it’s brown) and beginnings of flowers growing. But until then, I will just keep posting cute and non cold related artwork…lol! Here is a cute jelly fish I created yesterday while my youngest was in preschool. It was drawn digitally using Procreate. I like how cute it turned out, but still feels moody. Do you think this guy is adorable, too? He’s available as an art print that is a digital download in my Etsy shop and on an array of products in my Society6 shop. Just use the links above on the menu. Have a great day! Enjoy!

Handsome Heart

Hey everyone! It’s definitely a cold one out there today. The weather has been a little nutty and can’t make up its mind. I would love to have the 60 degree weather we had this past weekend here to stay. Here is the cutest heart I recently drew digitally with my iPad. I kinda wanted to make it a little nerdy with glasses. We embrace geeky in our family! This handsome fella is available in my shops. Just click the links in the menu above!

Stay Spooky

Is the weekend over already? I feel like it flew by really fast. It was a pretty busy weekend for us with family in town, my oldest son’s birthday party and errands. Monday always seems to come too fast. I’m trying to build up some Halloween art in my portfolio, so you will be seeing a lot of it until Halloween comes along. Here is one I did recently. It was a pretty fast sketch during some downtime, but I still like how cute it turned out. This one was made digitally on my iPad. Stay spooky everyone! Enjoy!

Cute Halloween Witch

Hey everyone! It’s the weekend and it has been full of planning for birthday and halloween parties. It’s amazing how many things you have to take into consideration, especially the weather. We have had, what it feels like, a week and a half of rain here in Kansas City. They even mentioned the dreaded word….Snow…. possibly overnight tonight. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. Here is a cute witch that made this week. I had a special request to make her because they wanted a cute witch mug. It looks so cute! Here are a couple of sales going on in my shop today…just in case you were wanting a mug too!

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Here are before and after pics of a recent sketch I did. The before was drawn out with pencil and outlined with pen. I used Prismacolor markers to color in these sweet acorns. I love how the color is intense and saturated with Prismacolor markers. They are my go to marker of choice! Keep your eyes out for some Hallowe

Moving Critters

Hey everyone! This past weekend was basically a wash….literally it rained all weekend and it’s still raining. So a lot of our activities that were planned were cancelled. But hey, what can you do? Here is a commissioned piece I did for a friend to put on a moving card. The animals are their 3 actual pets. I used photos of them and tried to make the likeness as much close as I could. They made postcards to mail their new address to everyone after moving into their new house. I think they turned out really cute. If you need custom art, just shoot me a message!