Watercolor Quilt Pattern

It’s the weekend finally! We have removed all signs of Christmas from our house and we feel like we can finally relax. I’m excited that our normal schedule will be going back to normal soon. Since Christmas is over, I can finally post some the projects and gifts that I worked on leading up to the holiday season. I made this watercolor painting for my husband’s Grandma who loves to make quilts. I tried to mimic the threads and pattern on a quilt. To get the crisp white lines, I used some painters tape. After everything was watercolored and dried, I used a silver metallic gel pen to draw patterns on top represent the top stitching that quilts usually have. His Grandma loved the painting and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Pink Shark

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and here is a cute shark I was asked to make. The funny thing is, this is one of those projects that you create and then falls through. I think artists have many projects and commissions like this, that never carry through for whatever reason that may be. It happens far more often then you think! So I was wondering….what can I do with this shark I created? I am going to sell them as a print and on product in my Etsy and Society6 shops. Why not make lemonade out of lemons! I am making a boy version also. Who doesn’t love sharks? This girl will make her debut in my shops later today. Stay tuned!




Fun in the Sun

It’s finally the weekend! At our house this weekend is going to be full of yard work in our backyard to prepare it for a pool. We are pretty excited about it! If any of you know my husband, he’s been pretty anti-pool in our backyard until recently. He has finally come to the dark side since our summer here in Kansas City is about a month a head of schedule. I hope everyone enjoys some fun in the sun this weekend. This piece was drawn and colored in digitally using Procreate.

Shine Bright

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I share with you a piece that I feel screams summer. My favorite memory when I was a kid was catching fireflies aka lightening bugs. You always knew summer had started when these delightful little bugs were out and about at night. It was almost like an event just waiting for the sun to go down and watching the fireflies come out. Anyone else do this? I thought I would create a piece that embodied how I felt during this when I was little. I drew and colored this in digitally using Procreate. Have a great day everyone!

Mermaid Cat

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s so hot here in Kansas City. If I had my choice, I would be in a nice swimming pool all day long. Maybe that is the reason a lot of my artwork has to do with water lately… During the month of May, I saw a lot of artists do Mermay. It’s basically a month devoted to drawing and creating art that has to do with mermaids. I was a little late to the party and missed the memo, but I still wanted to create a mermaid piece. I thought I would do my own interpretation of a mermaid cat. This sweet kitty was drawn out and colored in digitally on my Procreate app. I just put this up on my Shops today! There is 25% off my Society6 shop till the end of the day! Use the code JUNEART at the S6 checkout.

I Love Ice Cream

It’s officially ice cream weather! Well for me that’s all year long…but I’m not normal. I have already had so much ice cream and popsicles, it’s not even funny. My waistline is not thanking me right now…lol! I thought I would pay homage to this awesome summer past time with a cute little drawing. I painted it with water color digitally with Adobe Sketch and then used the Procreate app to add some added lines and details. I like the end result. It’s nice to have programs that will work flawlessly with each other. I may have to put this up on my shops soon, I’m thinking might need a tote bag with this sweet guy on it. Keep on the look out! Enjoy your day!

Pretty Peacock

Hello lovelies! Here is a new creative process video of a piece I did this past week. This pretty peacock was inspired by one of my friends that has had a peacock come and visit her yard in the past couple of weeks. She has posted pictures on Facebook and I knew that I needed to draw one. They are so beautiful and majestic with their feathers displayed. I used the program Procreate to drawn and color him in. Keep an eye out, he will be up in my shops soon! Also, just a reminder my Etsy shop is 20% til the end of the week!

Anchor’s Away

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the heroes who have served and sacrificed for our country. You will always be remembered. Also, Thank You to all the active and retired military! Here is a fun, cute crab splashing in some waves under the sea with an anchor. It was drawn and colored in digitally using Photoshop. I have added this fun guy to my Society6 and Etsy Shops. Below are some of the product he’s featured on at Society6. Ending today, my Society 6 shop is up to 40% off using code LONGWKND at the checkout. And for the next week, my whole Etsy shop is 20% off! Here are the links to both of my shops:

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Have a great Memorial Day!

Princess Pomeranian

It’s the weekend everyone! Added bonus it’s a long one! The last day of school for my kiddo’s was Thursday, so Summer has officially begun at our house. Hopefully we have a great Summer and everyone survives to start school in August…lol! I have had a couple of friends get new puppies lately. I’m not gonna lie, I have puppy fever….lol! I really want another dog, but I know I do not need another one. So I figured I have drawn any dogs lately and would put my puppy fever to good creative use. So here is a pretty Pomeranian princess to help brighten your weekend. This gem was drawn and colored in digitally. Enjoy!

Cute Sloth

Hello everyone! It’s Monday again….ugh! We had an action packed weekend, that my whole house is dragging their feet today. So this cute sloth is totally appropriate! We are totally sloths! This piece was drawn and colored in digitally using Procreate. I just added this cutie to my Society6 and Etsy Shops! Today you can get 25% off my Society6 shop using code MAY25. The only items it excludes are posters and wood wall art. Here are the links to my shops!

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