Ready For Fall

Hey everyone! The weather is finally cooling off in Kansas City and it feels amazing. It is so much more enjoyable to be outside. And since we got Izzy, we have been outside a lot more. Fall is my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. I can’t wait to wear sweaters with boots, pick out pumpkins, drink warm apple cider and light fall scented candles. I’m not exaggerating, it truly is my favorite.  I drew this digitally the minute there was just a slight crisp in the air. The font is my own handwriting and I love how it turned out. I’m so ready for fall….is anyone else?

KC Love

It’s been an absolute crazy week in Kansas City this week! The Chiefs won the Super Bowl and the whole town is painted in Red. My kids have Wednesday off from school for a red snow day to help celebrate the Chiefs victory. The whole metro is pretty much shutting down to celebrate! I created this KC heart logo to cheer on the Chiefs and now it’s crazy because they actually won. I got a lot of interest in it and put the design in my shops. This design is now available on tees, cups, prints, phone cases and more product. Here are the links to my shop:

Society 6 shop

Redbubble Shop

Tinsel in a Tangle

Hello everyone! 2 days until Christmas! I saw this phrase last year on something and loved it! It’s the perfect saying for this time of year. I knew that I wanted to put my own spin on it and practice doing lettering. I used Procreate and it’s brushes to make the lettering, wreath and the rustic wood planks in the background. I wanted to keep it simple and to the point. Love the overall look!


Mermaid May

Hey everyone! It’s May and that means it time for Mer-May. Which means everyone likes to post art and projects that have to do with mermaids. I have always loved mermaids since I was little. My favorite movie in the 1st grade was The Little Mermaid. I watched it at least a 1,000 times and had Arial t-shirts and dolls. I was obsessed to say the least. So, I drew this piece just for the occasion. I originally drew her out in my sketchbook and then colored her in digitally using my Procreate app. I really like how she turned out. She has a pretty peaceful vibe. Definitely what I’m needing to finish off this week. Enjoy!

Alligator Loves Tulips

It’s Wednesday! That means this week is already half way done. How has everyone’s week been so far? It’s been pretty busy for our fam. It feels like the minute the weather heats up, the busier we get. It feels kind of nice considering the winter we had this year. Here is some more spring art to put some pep in your step or at least make your morning more bearable. This guy was created digitally using Procreate. I wanted him to experience spring to, since most of the time alligators are associated with summer. Who knew alligators would look so good surrounded by tulips! It’s the perfect match in my book. Enjoy!

Birthday Cat

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Today we have our 100th snow day already this winter (…lol) and it’s my youngest son’s 4th birthday. It’s so crazy he is 4! He is such a silly, adventurous and fearless (most of the time) boy. He is completely opposite of his older brother, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for him. Even though we have a dog, he loves cats. So I thought I would create a piece that involved a cat just for him celebrating his birthday. I drew this piece digitally using the Procreate app on my iPad. Enjoy! Happy Birthday little man!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It’s finally here! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. I can’t wait to take the boys trick or treating tonight with our family and friends. They have been so excited about going. My littlest has asked every night this month if it’s “trick or treat time”. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? This sketch was made digitally using my Procreate app. I’m still continually working to improve my hand lettering, I’m getting more comfortable every time I try. Have fun tonight everyone!

Moving Critters

Hey everyone! This past weekend was basically a wash….literally it rained all weekend and it’s still raining. So a lot of our activities that were planned were cancelled. But hey, what can you do? Here is a commissioned piece I did for a friend to put on a moving card. The animals are their 3 actual pets. I used photos of them and tried to make the likeness as much close as I could. They made postcards to mail their new address to everyone after moving into their new house. I think they turned out really cute. If you need custom art, just shoot me a message!

EEK! It’s October!

I can’t believe it’s already October 1st! I feel like school just started. Here’s a quick sketch that I created just for today. I drew it out digitally using my Procreate app.

Look out on Wednesday for a chance to win a giveaway for one of my art prints. Do you have a favorite? Let me know your pick and maybe that will be one the I choose!