Cat With Sunnies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was hot here in KC over the past couple of days. Just plain hot! I drew this cool cat while my boys were swimming away in the pool. I sketched her out and colored her in using the program Procreate. I really liked the way it was headed but it needed something else. I usually hide my sketch layer, but decided to turn it on over the what I had colored in already. It was exactly what this piece needed. I love the result! This cool cat will make it on to my shops soon! Be on the look out!

Fun at the Farm

It’s another throwback Thursday fun day! #tbt This gem was designed for my oldest son Liam’s 2nd birthday party that we had at Deanna Rose Farmstead. Both of my boys love to go there to see all the farm animals, play games and see the history of farm life. Here is their website for more info:

I knew for this invite that I wanted to put some cute farm animals going to a party. I sketched them out on paper, scanned them into my computer and then colored them in digitally. This invite was a huge hit and is still one of my favorite designs. If you need any custom work, please just shoot me a message!

D is for Dragonfly

This lovely watercolor dragonfly is an excerpt from my alphabet book I did for my thesis in college. I know, I know it’s old. But I still love looking at those pieces I did for that project, because I feel they are still relevant to my style of art that I’m doing today. I just like to think that I have matured my style a little bit….at least I hope so. Whenever I see dragonfly’s it makes me think of the Dragon Fly Inn from one of my favorite shows. What show is that you say? Well if you don’t know the answer, I don’t know if we can be friends….lol….just joking! After my youngest Jaxon was born, I binged watched every season of Gilmore Girls. I love that show and I can’t believe I didn’t watch it while it was on the air, but I managed to catch up before the Netflix special. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. Happy hump day everyone!

Owl Always Look After You

This watercolor painting is a commission piece I did recently for my friend Sarah. She gave it to a friend for a baby shower gift. The painting is of an grandmother owl watching over the new baby owl while it’s sleeping. The painting ended up being 11×14 in size. It took a lot of planning out and hours of painting, but it turned out really well. If you are needing any custom or freelance work, please feel free to contact me!


Here is the process I used to create a painting like this.

Sketch phase- I used pencil and eraser to sketch out my initial thoughts on regular paper. I also had my friend approve this sketch before I moved forward to painting.


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Morning Hippo

For today’s throwback Thursday #tbt, I bring to you this sweet hippopotamus. This is one of the first images I created for a greeting card to put on my website. I have always loved how simple and playful it is. A funny story comes along with this image. I received a purchase for this card on my website and got really excited. It was around the time of my husband, Bryant’s birthday. I realized it was my husband’s friend Phil who had placed the order. If any of you knew Phil, he was a funny jokester and was full of life. In the notes section he had specifically put, “Fill out the card “Happy Birthday Bryant from Phil”, then put card in envelope, seal it, then hand deliver to Bryant. Thanks!” He was trying to be funny plus he didn’t know how soon he was going to see my husband. Phil passed away a few years ago, so that makes this image even more sentimental and special. I will always cherish this memory. This image is dedicated to you, Phil! Piece was made digitally.

Ladybug Luck

Just a quick sketch to wish you luck on this hump day! Make this Wednesday your best one yet! Just remember you can celebrate this weekend. Sketch made with pen and marker.

Springtime Snack

#tbt So this Thursday’s treat is another excerpt from my alphabet book I made for my senior thesis. So while digging and researching for animals for each letter of the alphabet, X was the hardest to find anything for. This lovely bird is called a Xenops, it’s one of the only animals that start with the letter X. They are very small birds with a long feathered tail. They mostly live in Mexico, Central and South America. They belong to the oven bird family. They love to eat insects, ants and flowers. I hope you enjoyed your animal lesson for the day! Sketch made with watercolor.


Happy Wednesday! My daffodils are starting to peak through the ground, I’m sooo excited. Hopefully we don’t get another frost killing my hopes of spring. One of my all time favorite subject matters has always been flowers. They are so bright in color and there is so much variety. My dad is a very great gardener; so I grew up helping him out, learning all the names and loved watching them grow after being planted. Although I may not be as good as my dad, I now have that same love in my yard. Enjoy this little sketch of spring! Sketch made with pen and marker.


Hello everyone! It’s finally starting to feel like spring. The weather is inspiring some very cute spring sketches coming to you today and this week. So about squirrels….I think they are really cute galloping around the yard with their fluffy tails twirling about until they decide to rip holes in all your deck pillows. True story! My neighborhood squirrels thought they would rummage my deck and steal pillow fluff for their nests this past fall. They even became brave enough to make a hotel in my hanging planter baskets. Needless to say they aren’t too cute in my mind right now. So here’s to a new season….Hopefully the squirrels and I can coexist in harmony. Sketch made with pen and marker.

Listening To My Favorite Jam!

So this past week has been crazy! School has been out for President’s day plus 3 more days due to icy weather conditions. Which means my son only went to school 1 day this past week. I have never looked forward to a Friday more than this one my whole life. So this week consisted of being cooped up in the house, movies, i pad time, dance parties, pillow forts and birthday celebrations. Luckily this Momma got to indulge in National Margarita Day with some girlfriends and it made everything right in the world. So this drawing perfectly portrayed my Friday mood. Sketch made with pen and colored pencils.