Morning Hippo

For today’s throwback Thursday #tbt, I bring to you this sweet hippopotamus. This is one of the first images I created for a greeting card to put on my website. I have always loved how simple and playful it is. A funny story comes along with this image. I received a purchase for this card on my website and got really excited. It was around the time of my husband, Bryant’s birthday. I realized it was my husband’s friend Phil who had placed the order. If any of you knew Phil, he was a funny jokester and was full of life. In the notes section he had specifically put, “Fill out the card “Happy Birthday Bryant from Phil”, then put card in envelope, seal it, then hand deliver to Bryant. Thanks!” He was trying to be funny plus he didn’t know how soon he was going to see my husband. Phil passed away a few years ago, so that makes this image even more sentimental and special. I will always cherish this memory. This image is dedicated to you, Phil! Piece was made digitally.