Custom Month Wheel

I recently was commissioned to create this cute, colorful 12 month and 4 seasons art wheel. The seasons and the months are in French per request. Each month has a small illustration that represents an activity or holiday within it. I started out this painting by making a mock up on my computer to help space out all the months evenly. I then transferred that mock up onto my watercolor paper with watercolor pencils. Once that is finished, I can start painting and filling in with other watercolors. It took some time to complete this because I needed to make sure each section was dry to continue to the next one. If I didn’t let them dry, they would bleed into each other and that would be no good. Once everything was dry, I outlined everything in black pen and added all the text that was needed. I really like how this piece turned out. The final size was 12″ by 12″. If you need any custom artwork made, send me a message. I love creating custom art!